Smore Crescents

20 Jun



Today we made Smores

Yeah… It did not taste like a smore. It tasted like a chocolate crescent.

First, you can NOT put that much stuff in a crescent… Seriously.. I tried to stuff those suckers, it did not work. I ended up being able to fit only 4 mini marshmallows in each crescent. There was one graham cracker that was crushed in the middle. And no chocolate or Nutella (which i didn’t want anyway because Hazelnuts make me gag.

So I added another graham cracker crushed to the top. I baked them like they said. Dripped chocolate on top.

There was no smore. Screw that. If you want a chocolate crescent that’s fine. I ate them a lot in Paris. But don’t bother trying to stuff marshmallows in them or even with the graham crackers! It’s a lot of work for no different results.


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